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Meditation Labyrinth

On a hill near Winchester town
There lies a maze of ancient ground
A single path that twists and turns
A secret that no one discerns

Some say it was a pagan rite
To walk the maze by moonlit night
And reach the center where they prayed To gods of earth and sun and shade

Some say it was a Christian test
To trace the path with hand on chest
And meditate on holy grace
While following the labyrinth's trace

Some say it was a lover's game
To meet within the maze's frame
And pledge their hearts with vows sincere
Away from prying eyes and ears

But no one knows for sure its use
Or who first carved its winding groove The Mizmaze keeps its mystery still Upon the top of Winchester Hill.

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2 responses to “Mizmaze”

    • Thank you! It’s a fascinating thing, I’m glad it sparked your interest! I didnt make a connection to Pi Day today either until I saw Bing used a similar maze on its homepage, one of those serendipitous synchronicities 😊

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